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The 9th Life

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The 9th Life

who began working with a young man fell almost fatal psychologist finds himself drawn to the mystery that tests the boundaries of fantasy and reality. The story of Louis Drax 9th birthday when life misfortune peaked in the autumn of curiosity almost killed the child begins. Desperate boy and crash dark coincidence of his life, Dr. full of strange circumstances behind uncover Allan Pascal (Dorn) mystery thriller that explores the nature of the sixth sense, to try to draw the boundaries of fantasy and reality.

Eight die in the accident survived after his unfortunate life, date of birth and nine of Louis Drax plunging from a cliff. Louis police were investigating the cause of the drop in almost fatal and violent father, Peter, a famous neurologist Dr. Allan Pascal unorthodox techniques that take advantage of the unconscious mind and the guys that try to reveal the truth about the events that led to his condition. But as a final throw deeper mystery Louis pretended ability to cheat death, the doctor finds himself in Louis’s mother, Natalie falling. New clues in the case, shocking revelation that the fate of Louis Drax and change everyone around him as it is created.

A well-known neurologist (Jamie Dorn) subconscious a boy, aged 9 years (Aiden Longworth) who has survived an accident almost nine deaths sources into account.

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