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RimWorld v0 14

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RimWorld v0 14

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Edit summary:

staged system

The new system allows you to choose a script randomization and set to play a special situation. Define the starting point, the type of society (the tribe, the colony), the conditions of the card of permanent objects, animals, health, and quality, as well as change the special rules.

Several built-in scripts, including those relating to the classical experience RimWorld included.

Maybe randomized new scenarios.

You can customize scripts with a special interface that allows you to create scripts that you want.

Scripts can be downloaded or picked up a pair of a meeting with a single click.

ScenPart: Printable version Permanent conditions Map (eclipse, solar expansion, etc.).

ScenPart: Planetkiller part of the script: The world will be destroyed at the time X.

ScenPart: climate cycle that makes the world becomes warmer and cooler years. Winter is coming soon.

ScenPart: Turn off the construction of this type of building.

ScenPart: pawn start health.

ScenPart: you receive the items.

ScenPart map is scattered with the details.

ScenPart: Set method of arrival (pods or standing)

ScenPart: Begin to walk all aged between X and Y

ScenPart: bail explode on death (adjusted type and range)

ScenPart: All the distance from the source (the beginning of the game / all) has a function X

the animal (s) Run: ScenPart

ScenPart: prohibited production

ScenPart: prohibits hunting

ScenPart: Avoid driveway

ScenPart: it continues to grow

ScenPart: Disable incident

ScenPart: multiplier for all articles about the game (speed, speed, mining, etc.)

ScenPart: Avoid building

pedestrian overlay

Walking may not overlap each other during the fighting in close combat (unless they are very small). No more animals deathstacks! It also creates a new tactic around the block, the other, or the back of the line of shooters. We had to write a lot of AI and the lock code for this function.

Artificial Intelligence

Raiders can now enter a «steal» when they see sufficient value. They gather their stuff and use it.

Raiders Abduction now work together much better than stealing. Rather than operate at the same time, some of them will be stolen, while others are covered.

Lead AI algorithm is better now to make clothes to withstand cold temperatures. If there is no way to make survival kits, did not come on foot. No more attacks come Keeling and for a time from -60 ° C

Raptors hunt and boomrats boomalopes.

Pedestrians will be smarter about how to avoid mistakes in various situations.

new materials

Full support for the workshop for a couple of mods.

Now you can play as a tribe in some scenarios.

added torch

Additional pemmican for food storage in the low-tech.

Research problems currently associated with the technical terms of their faction. Nurses seeks higher your level is more difficult. So if you’re a tribe, exploring space travel will be difficult.

Added study (only required for the tribes): a set of clothing, electricity

Added study (required for non-breeding only): pemmican

Added study air conditioning, Autodoors, tower

Adding incident «salvation.» Can shoot after one of his employees kidnapped.

Adding, «I killed my X» social thought, that people do not want killers of their loved ones «

A new class of «small» mental gap that may arise in the mood by 40%.

Adding minor mental break: in overeating.

Soil fertility is reported in the hover.

water pump that slowly turns into a wet area in drylands added. necessary strength.

Hives now appears pods Glow — lit error brightness for 20 days (as they are installed) and can be reinstalled or sold.

Additional features: support awful, nagging voice. It is socially repellent.

additional function: pyromaniac. Continue to start the fire spree under stress, and never put out the fire.

Adding to Panther Forest biome. Because I found the Panthers are not real, and I have to deal with it one way or another.

There is now light orange to help identify very hot.

Added / replaced remarkable animals Kay Fedewa:





arctic fox


red foxes





Megatherium (giant prehistoric sloth)





Arctic wolf

timber wolf


Added a number of lagoons of icons at the top of the screen, with other information about the condition. They can be pressed to select, double-click to go, or the window is selected for multiple selection. These icons can be disabled.

Trading interface now allows you to call a number that you want to trade, instead of drag number.

Animal management now has a column of soil information and practical life

Animal management now has a checkbox column «killer», which makes it easy to sacrifice many animals

Animal management now has a check box column for each student, which facilitates the study of many animals

Taken from the right-click menu to be more beautiful, more readable, more durable and more effectively manage large lists of options.

explore solutions

Traders, visitors, raiders, thieves, animals, etc. Now it will be avoided if surrounded by walls, not an option.

Manhunters and insects attacked the door, when the settlers are trying to get in and out of them to take pictures.

Now Bushes should be, as a rule, insects, so if all insects are killed immediately turret wall hives are dying.

It is no longer possible to avoid the «run» the impact of mood, or just pulling starving prisoners; Foot receiving a «prisoner died innocent» idea. A similar solution is applied to the settlers died.

Resolved several exploits Powerleveling. After a certain amount learned settlers (high) of the day, they will not go to a reduced speed until the next day.

Flowers are not longer good food (supply reduction).

Fixed an exploit where players will be given the Raiders captured abduction Raiders to leave without a fight. The solution: Raiders steal settlers only.


Updated Unity 5.

generation world is now part of the new game process and not separately.

Now the roof has to be collected manually and carry settlers; They appear and disappear instantly more.

Rollback food selection algorithm AI to take into account the effects of personal humor, rot and other factors, new. Now look at the fact cannibalistic food eater, because they get a bonus of humor, while not a man-eating can be avoided.

Feeding open worlds and games kept the old version is currently improving; Actions «warning, the earlier version of the» Dialogue is before opening them, not after.

Deworked setup menu is much more pleasing to the selection and ordering interface.

Users can now have the bodies unbutchered (but not very pleasant).

Infection and less easy to grow exponentially.

The infection deeper under the ground only at this time.

AI now fleeing from Granada started his own faction.

Turtles are not as deadly.

Pets will not be possible incest.

Nowadays, people do incest.

Seeds for global gene is now generated from the actual sequence of words instead of random letters.

Now you can set the minimum and maximum opportunity.

Beauty footprint currently consists of four phases: a strikingly ugly, ugly, beautiful, beautiful.

Few stories are now forced to go to have this feature (Model-Beautiful)

Trade can bring a camel caravan presentation.

Shields are not issued without hunting white settlers not a random kidnapping.

Some traders buy and sell phones at a time.

worms and parasites of the intestine muscles disappear before.

Recycled looting tombs older generation. Plastal is sometimes found in people pod. Thus, there are components.

Snuggling now visualized, registered social interaction.

Some make modding easier refactoring and code easier to maintain and more flexible. More functionality is implemented in the form ThingComps combinable.

Many, many, many other options justice, and improve the game interface and bug fixes.

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