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FIFA 11 2

FIFA 11 is the latest installment of the popular series EAS football game. It includes a number of major improvements in FIFA 10 are ridiculously realistic simulation of the real thing and a worthy competitor for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 napravyat.Sled blown from previous versions of FIFA, we find it difficult to imagine how EA can to improve the slick football sim. However, after some of these games demo clear that changes arent just kozmetichni.Iziskan geympleyPodobreniyata gameplay in FIFA 11 feels more like real football. new personality + system means that players move and act like they do in real life. This means for example that Manchester Uniteds Wayne Rooney will charge around after the ball when hes not have; while his strike partner Dimitar Berbatov is content to stand around waiting for something to happen! other fine adjustments using AI to make FIFA 11 the most enjoyable version to date. For example, past, now normal to see more than one player to come to the ball. You’ll see that the players were a little faster than them in FIFA 10.Druga important changes in FIFA 11 is able to control the goalkeeper that feels very natural and adds an extra element to geympleya.Vavezhdat Handballs for the first time FIFA 11. When a defender is positioned in the line of attack he could stick his hand to block. Handballs frequency slightly higher than it would in real life, but you can disable them or determine that they do not occur in criminal situatsii.FIFA 11 is also equipped with more sophisticated passing system, giving you more control over the distribution of the ball. A Pro feature lets you measure short passes more accurately by weighing them. The combination of enhanced repertoire as well, and now you can do deviate powered past the cinema and Backspin LOB apply to topki.Edna changes that do not like the new system of penalties, which is based on a power bar. Stopping a pointer is very difficult, because it takes time to respond to your key press. This makes the penalties scored in FIFA 11 is hard to napravi.Grafichni oshtipvamNa first glance, FIFA 11 S graphics dont seem different from that in the latest version. Once you start seeing reps or close-up, however, you realize that these players are now more realistic. EA modeled player face using photographs, and facial expressions are now more diverse and vary depending igracha.Drug neat addition to FIFA 11 is the ability to upload your own audio to be used in the game. You can record your own singing, add audio files to the actual team chants, and to identify the music that the team running the game do.rezhima

FIFA 11 is still stacked with a lot of game modes, including officially licensed leagues, exhibitions, training and Be Pro. In a significant change is currently out repeated managers regime is now known as the career mode, and integrated with Be a Pro. It is now engaged in that you start as a player before becoming player-coach and eventually menidzhar.Tezi full of interesting new features, combined with intelligent super game of football make FIFA 11 the most pure SIM.

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